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Déposé le 03/02/2014 à 18h16
Par Nikki

I believe that it is necessary to embellish the city of Lyon with continuous access to the embankments of the Soane and Rhone rivers as it not only provides access to pedestrians but also those citizens who would like to take advantage of the beautiful views while strolling along the quays.

It is a wonderful idea that should continue not only along the two rivers but other areas that can be used by the public. One idea that comes to mind is to enlarge the La Part-Dieu train station and refurbish that area so it is not so congested by buses but to add a green square in front of the station if possible and/or remove the commercial buildings and low income housing to provide only train related boutiques to attract customers. At the moment it is quite a seedy area that needs revamping and constant maintenance.

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